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In 2006, Daniel Beauchemin came across something a little strange going on in his backyard that prompted action. You see, it is not every day that you will see healthy green grass growing over a septic tank in the middle of a cold Canadian winter. What this grass represented was a significant waste of heat energy and money that was going down the drain. At this time, energy efficiency was starting to make its way into new home construction vocabulary. Knowing very well that this wasted energy must somehow be recoverable, Daniel met up with his friend Marc Fontaine to discuss a solution.

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Thermo Drain - EcoInnovation Technologies

Drain Water Heat Recovery

An essential part of any domestic hot water heating system
3rd PartyVerified EnergyCredits

3rd Party
Verified Energy

Lower energy costs, more hot water available

Lower energy
costs, more hot
water available

Drain Water Heat Recovery
Easy to install in minutes, integrated PEX

Easy to install in
minutes, integrated

Most affordable way to achieve a low carbon objective

Most affordable way
to achieve a low
carbon objective

Drain water heat recovery is the most comfortable energy efficient technology you can install in your home. A simple and effective technology that uses waste energy to heat incoming cold water.

The US Department of Energy and the Canadian Governments, Natural Resources Canada recommends ThermoDrain to reduce your overall homes energy consumption.

Thermo Drain - EcoInnovation Technologies

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Does the ThermoDrain drop in efficiency or cool off the preheated water if someone flushes the toilet while showering?

Where do I install the ThermoDrain ?

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What maintenance is required?

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