ThermoDrain, drain water heat recovery system are considered an energy-efficient appliance and will increase the overall comfort and efficiency of the home.   No other energy efficient technology in the home will outlast, give more comfort or save you more money over its lifetime than a ThermoDrain. Hands down! 

Low-cost compliance

Builders everywhere are lowering the cost of energy code compliance through the use of ThermoDrain, drain water heat recovery. 

When comparing options in your energy modelling, the ThermoDrain is the most cost-effective solution. With a low install cost and worry-free operation, ThermoDrain is the easiest and most affordable way to meet EnerGuide or other building performance certifications.

Energy efficiency credits that are affordable and comfortable

ThermoDrain is the easiest way to achieve this by providing a highly innovative feature that makes sense to the most demanding homeowner.

Increasingly, customers expect eco-friendly and energy efficient homes. The ThermoDrain is a truly cost-effective strategy for today’s builder wanting to provide a green home while lowering the cost of energy compliance.

Whether building to Net Zero Ready,  Net ZeroEnergy Star®, Energuide®, LEED® for homes or  R2000. ThermoDrain is part of your solution in providing quality and sustainable homes.

Drain water heat recovery technology is applicable to all energy programs including – Energy Star for New Homes, R2000, National Green Building StandardRESNET HERS INDEX, Net Zero, Built Green Canada, Passive House, LEED for new Homes, Energuide 80, 82, Local Efficiency Building Codes 

Home Owners Love ThermoDrain, Hot Showers & Saving Money!

Hot water heating is a significant energy consumption for the home. Growing energy costs requires that we stop wasting precious heat down the drain. The ThermoDrain will save on utility bills year after year, while adding value to your home.

The comfort of almost endless hot water is here! Heat energy recovered by the ThermoDrain will increase threefold the capacity of a water heater rendering cold showers a thing of the past!

With no moving parts or seals, no required maintenance, and a five year limited warranty, the ThermoDrain ensures peace of mind, efficiency and savings.

ThermoDrain, drain water heat recovery is the environmental choice

The ThermoDrain is also the perfect complement to your home’s water heating system. Combined, they offer very high energy efficiency and significantly reduce your home’s environmental impact. The ThermoDrain is 100% recyclable and is an environmentally responsible product.