ThermoDrain drain water heat recovery


Drain water heat recovery - Récupérateur de la chaleur des eaux de drainage

ThermoDrain Drain water heat recovery unit (DWHR). ThermoDrain Récupérateur de la chaleur des eaux de drainage (RCED)



First in the World!

The Manitoba government says it has approved changes to the Manitoba Building Code that will result in new homes being nearly 20 per cent more energy efficient without a big increase in costs to buyers.

The changes will take effect on April 1, 2016.

They include new requirements for insulation in above-ground wall assemblies in new homes. The changes will also provide for improved testing of the air tightness of the structure to minimize leakage and subsequent energy loss.

The most significant change will be the requirement of a THERMODRAIN drain-water heat-recovery system to provide additional energy savings and increase the supply of hot water during peak usage times, said Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun, adding that Manitoba will be one of the first provinces in Canada to require this energy efficient technology in all new homes.

NOTE: ThermoDrain is the exclusive drain water heat recovery supplier for Manitoba Hydro. We were selected from all manufacturers of drain water heat recovery technologies for our product design and overall company management.

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ThermoDrain is your partner. We work with you to meet your needs.

ThermoDrain is your partner. We work with you to meet your needs.

WE are your green partner

We work hand in hand with you, our customer by adding value to your projects and finding solutions to your drain water heat recovery needs.

We will positively impact the long-term utility savings and operating efficiency of your homes. We will reflect highly on the construction quality of your homes through reduced overall home maintenance costs and higher energy performance. This is what makes the ThermoDrain an essential part of your green building solution.

ThermoDrain will outlast all other energy savings devices in your homes making it a sustainable part of your green building equation. ThermoDrain is 100% recyclable, has a maintenance free life expectancy of 50 years and reduces the overall environmental impact of the home and the home owner.

ThermoDrain is
The building industries
number one choice!

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ThermoDrain has just won an exclusive supply contract. More news to come.....

ThermoDrain has just won an exclusive supply contract. More news to come.....

We are proud to announce that EcoInnovation Technologies - the manufacturer of the ThermoDrain has been selected as the exclusive supplier for Manitoba Hydro's various Power Smart energy efficiency program initiatives over the next 3 years. ThermoDrain is an internationally recognized technology that effectively reduces the cost of heating water by using waste energy to preheat incoming cold water. The ThermoDrain is a cost effective way to achieve builder option points for various energy efficiency building programs and energy efficiency code requirements. 

EcoInnovation was selected based on their latest generation drain water heat recovery technology, customer focus, service, logistics experience and superior product knowledge. 


Energy Star for New Homes 2014 V 12.4 Released

Confusion with points for DWHR?  - We help clear that all up! 
(1 Shower & 1 ThermoDrain = Points for 2 showers)

(2 Showers & 1 ThermoDrain hooked to only 1 shower = Points for 1 shower)
(2 Showers & 2 ThermoDrains) = Points for 2 shower)

ThermoDrain - Drain Water Heat Recovery is now part of the Core Builder Option Package as part of the Energy Star for New Homes Version 12.4 release. The provinces that will benefit from the latest release are Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario,Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan. 

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ThermoDrain is now an Approved Product In Massachusetts.

ThermoDrain is now an approved product system by the state of Massachusetts
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Q: Why does a product need to have a Massachusetts product approval if a National Testing Laboratory has already approved it?

A: All products used in the Plumbing and Gasfitting Industries require Massachusetts’s approval through code regulation.


Quality Measuring Program at EcoInnovation

Over the past 7 years, we have put 15000+ ThermoDrain's to work. Not one quality issue with our units. Not one return due to a manufacturing error. Impressive? yes! But that is not how we measure our level of quality and success. We are constantly measuring the quality of service, on time delivery, our ability to meeting/exceeding our customers expectations and their satisfaction. 

ThermoDraining is one of the top 4 methods of cutting your hot water energy costs.

ThermoDrain - drain water heat recovery

ThermoDrain - drain water heat recovery

Source: Natural Resources Canada

You can reduce your hot water costs by

  • installing a more efficient water heater, especially ENERGY STAR® qualified models
  • improving the performance of your existing water heater
  • reducing the amount of hot water that you and your family use
  • installing a drain water heat recovery (DWHR) device to reduce your water heating load

Visit Natural Resources Canada Guide on reducing the cost of heating water - here 

We are the professionals #1 choice in drain water heat recovery technology.
ThermoDrain is a reputable name you can associate with for satisfaction, quality and value.

ThermoDrain is the number one choice in drain water heat recovery technology.

ThermoDrain is the number one choice in drain water heat recovery technology.

ThermoDrain is a professional grade, drain water heat recovery system. With a leak proof design, 30% thicker walls and outstanding performance, this is the high end technology that you will not find in the big box commercial stores.

Engineers, contractors, architects, energy advisors and plumbers appreciate the outstanding quality, service and engineering that is invested into the ThermoDrain. This is why we are #1.

ThermoDrain is locally manufactured.

We guarantee the best price - Challenge us for a 10% discount.

Have your cake and eat it too.........with ThermoDrain

Have your cake and eat it too.........with ThermoDrain

If you are currently using drain water heat recovery and it is not ThermoDrain. We will beat the current price you are paying by 10%*. Plus - you get a leak proof design, 30% thicker walls, 2 free drain couplings and the latest in drain water heat recovery technology.

If you are a ThermoDrain customer, you are already doing the right thing at the right price. Keep right on saving with the ThermoDrain leak proof, high performance, low pressure drop design. We have you covered!

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*Certain conditions apply. 

We are the drain water heat recovery specialists

Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) consists of capturing and injecting heat energy found in waste water into a potable water heating system.  This process significantly reduces the amount of energy required to heat water in residential, commercial and institutional applications such as showers, dish washing, laundry or sanitation. 

In the last few years, wide spread use of drain water heat recovery technology has positioned the ThermoDrain™ as a simple and cost-effective green building option that provides significant energy savings and sustainability.


We are the manufacturer of the ThermoDrain™ and we specialize in drain water heat recovery solutions.  Our vast technical knowledge combined with our ThermoDrain™ product line make it easier than ever to provide you with a sustainable energy efficient green building solution for your project.

At EcoInnovation, we strive to surpass your expectations. As your partner in success, we are committed to providing the best service in the industry, period! 

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