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Quick Installation

1) Cut out a vertical section of drain pipe below the shower. Any type of drain pipe works with the ThermoDrain.

2) Install the ThermoDrain with the drain connectors that come with the unit.

3) Feed the bottom of the ThermoDrain coil with a cold water line.

4) Send the top of the ThermoDrain coil outlet to one of these 3 places:

  1. The cold water line of the shower
  2. The inlet of the hot water tank
  3. Or both 1 and 2

NOTE: 3 is the most efficient method.


About the ThermoDrain Installation

It has never been so easy to install a ThermoDrain

Designed with 3/4” copper water supply connections, the ThermoDrain package includes quality mechanical drain couplings for convenience.  Light and compact, the ThermoDrain is suited for a one man installation on plastic drain stacks where space is at a premium.  ThermoDrain features ultra low pressure drop and high efficiency.

What Length ThermoDrain can I install? How do I determine if it is going to fit?: For a given length unit that is X” long unit, you have to cut out X” + 2.5″ from the drain pipe, to fit the drain couplings you will need 1.25″ of drain pipe at bottom and 1.25″ at the top.

EXAMPLE: So for a 42″ long unit you will need a minimum of 42″ + 2.5″ (1.25″ at top and 1.25″ at bottom) = 42″ + 2.5″ = 44.5″ of straight ABS pipe to work with as a minimum – this is considered a tight fit and requires straight cuts.

PDF – Best Practices Installation

PDF – ThermoDrain Installation Instructions

PDF – Measure for restricted heights

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Model Selection

The ThermoDrain is the latest technology in Drain Water Heat Recovery. It has been designed for outstanding savings, home comfort and lasting performance. With its exclusive features, the ThermoDrain is simply the best drain water heat recovery technology available today!

heat recovery technology

Performance and Safety Certified


The ThermoDrain is Intertek safety certified to CSA B55.2 & Intertek performance verified to CSA B55.1. These standards have been developed by the Canadian Standards Association specifically for drain water heat recovery technology.

Performance verification TD3XXB

Performance verification TD4XXB

Drain Water Heat Recovery – Drain pipe reduction. Also applicable to gray water recovery systems that incorporates 2″ DWHR units.

Does the Ontario Building Code  allow you to install a larger diameter ThermoDrain on a smaller diameter drain pipe and then return to a smaller diameter?

Yes! Some new home construction plumbing projects in Ontario are now incorporating gray water recovery systems. These systems usually include the incorporation of a fixed smaller diameter drain water heat recovery unit. The code allows you to use a larger diameter drain water heat recovery unit. For example, a 2″ drain system can incorporate a 3″ ThermoDrain and then go back to a 2″ drain as long as no solid waste is going through the system.

Ontario Building Code Reference: No Reduction in Size

  1. Except as permitted in sentence (3), no drainage pipe that is of a minimum size required by this Part for the purpose for which it is installed shall be so connected as to drain to other drainage pipe of lesser size.
  2. Where a building drain connects to a stack through a wall or floor, the drain shall retain its full size through the wall or floor.
  3. A Sanitary drainage pipe may be connected to a pre-engineered waste water heat recovery system that incorporates piping of a lesser size that required by Sentence (1) provided it does not convey sewage, (a) From a sanitary unit, or (b) That contains solids.




ThermoDrain unit, 3″ drain diameter, 42″ long, 3/4″ tube. Options included are the drain couplings


DR = Drain Couplings




ThermoDrain unit, 3″ drain diameter, 42″ long, 3/4″ tube drain with 3/4″ PEX fittings. Options included are the drain couplings


DR = Drain Couplings




ThermoDrain unit, 4″ drain diameter, 72″ long, 3/4″ tube. 2 sets of coils that connect to a 1 1/4″ water connection.





A ThermoDrain can be installed by a single person in less than 45 minutes.

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