High-Efficiency Homes


Sept 18, 2019
By: Daniel Beauchemin

Net Zero Ready, Passive House or Energy Star for New Homes. These are all synonymous to lower energy costs and higher quality construction. Take a close look at the energy distribution between a standard home of today and compare it to a high-efficiency home. The space heating and cooling costs have dropped dramatically yet water heating nearly doubles. Drain water heat recovery takes the high-efficiency home water heating to a new level by capturing 65% of that waste energy.  The captured energy is then used to preheat incoming cold water. The installation cost of a high-efficiency ThermoDrain unit is under $1000. ThermoDrain requires no maintenance and will outlast everything found in your mechanical room.  Compared this cost to an Energy Star HRV, a high-efficiency furnace or any other high maintenance required items in the home – ThermoDrain is a no brainer.

Higher efficiency homes

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