Energy Star – Alberta

June 15, 2018

ThermoDrain can contribute significant credits in many energy rating systems for a very low cost making it the best next step in improving building performance further.

Alberta – Core Builder Option Packages (BOP). Optional points required

ESNH AB ZONE 1 – 2.0 Option points required.
ESNH AB ZONE 2 – 2.1 Option points required.
ESNH AB ZONE 3 – 1.9 Option points required.
note 11 This option is based on the number of shower stacks from which heat is being recovered, not the number of DWHR units, with one exception,: houses with a total of one shower may claim the points for two showers since the DWHR unit is recovering heat from all showers in the house. The maximum allowable amount is two showers.

note 12 BOP points are calculated as follows: 0.1 or [(max. points) / (# MURB units in building)] * [# DWHR units], whichever is greater.

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