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Join our growing team of national and international ThermoDrain distributors including Wolseley, Emco, Deschênes, Bartle & Gibson, Noble and much more.

We take pride in our established relationships and hope that you can join our growing team of distributors. Contact us today to get distribution pricing and to set up your account with EcoInnovation Technologies.

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We have ThermoDrain units stocked in the U.S.. Our units are dispatched to our distribution partners on a daily basis.

Advantages of working with ThermoDrain

As of 2019, EcoInnovation Technologies has over 12 years of experience recovering energy from drain water. We are unique in that we have diversified our drain water heat recovery portfolio beyond the residential applications. You can view our commercial portfolio along with our technical binder that covers a multitude of applications. Do not simply distribute drain water heat recovery technology, distribute with a growing partner and distribute ThermoDrain drain water heat recovery technology.

ThermoDrain vendor number and what this means.

If you are already distributing the ThermoDrain, below you can find our vendor number to find pricing and availability.
ThermoDrain drain water heat recovery pricing