In 2006, Daniel Beauchemin came across something deeply disturbing in his Canadian back yard that prompted action. You see, it is not every day that you will see healthy green grass growing over a septic tank in the middle of a cold Canadian winter. What this grass represented was a significant waste of heat energy and money. At this time, energy efficiency was starting to make its way into new home construction vocabulary. Knowing very well that this waste must come to an end, Daniel met up with his friend Marc Fontaine to discuss a solution to this waste.

Marc and Daniel began to crunch the numbers and the potential for energy savings was incredible. They went straight to work on designing the ThermoDrain. A passive and recyclable heat exchanger that would assist in recovering and reusing this wasted energy. In 2007, Daniel and Marc founded EcoInnovation Technologies and began manufacturing the ThermoDrain. Today, EcoInnovation has become one of the largest manufacturers of high quality, high performance drain water heat recovery systems in the world.

Utility savings

Mission statement

To be the ultimate solution and standard for drain water heat recovery technology.

Our Vision:

We will reduce your energy consumption, comfortably.

Our Values

  • Value – When you can give much more for less
  • Performance – When our product is stamped with a verified efficiency label, you can rest assured that you are getting exactly what is on the label.
  • Consistency – Unless we found a way to improve it, it will always be the highest degree of consistency.
  • Continuous improvement – If we can, we will!
  • Service – A strong reflection of who we are and what you can expect.
  • Team Oriented – As important to us as our customers.
  • Customer focus – Always!
  • Product Quality – This is ThermoDrain