Drain water heat recovery - Récupérateur de la chaleur des eaux de drainage

Drain water heat recovery (DWHR). ThermoDrain is a drain water heat recovery unit that recovers energy from waste water and transfers this energy to potable water before entering a water heater. It is different from other heat exchangers in that it has dual walls vented to the atmosphere so that cross contamination between wastewater and potable water is not possible. The heat transfer occurs only when wastewater is flowing down the drain while there is a demand on the hot water heater. This technology can save the homeowner up to 40% on their water heating bills. It can also triple the capacity of a hot water tank for showering. It is considered a comfortable green technology designed for shower lovers who also want to save energy. ThermoDrain is a superior drain water heat recovery technology that is manufactured in North America and comes with an industry leading 10 year warranty.


ThermoDrain™ 10 Year Warranty

EcoInnovation Technologies Inc. takes great care in the design and delivery of its products. When the product is used for its intended purpose (standard residential/commercial plumbing system operating temperature and pressures, the use of non-caustic or corrosive or high mineral content drain water) the manufacturer offers a limited non-transferable warranty of ten (10) years on all products against manufacture defects from date of purchase.

The accessories manufactured by a third party and supplied with the ThermoDrain™ are covered by their respective manufacturer warranties and are not covered by the above EcoInnovation Technologies Inc. warranty. EcoInnovation Technologies inc. assumes no responsibility with regards to these components.

If, during the warranty period, a defect due to manufacturing or workmanship occurs that is covered by this warranty, EcoInnovation Technologies inc. will proceed, entirely at its discretion, with the repair or replacement of the defective unit. Since the installation and use of the ThermoDrain is outside of the control of EcoInnovation Technologies Inc., no warranty is offered by the manufacturer for problems resulting from installation. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to properly select the product and to ensure that the product and installation procedures conform to local laws and codes in effect.

In no case is EcoInnovation Technologies Inc. responsible for prejudice to material, direct or indirect or as an accessory to other damages and/or expenses accrued, even if foreseeable, and even where resulting from the confirmed failure or the apparent or defect known by the purchaser, of all products or accessories distributed or sold by EcoInnovation Technologies Inc. In no case is EcoInnovation Technologies Inc. responsible for premature wear of its products due to the properties of the products used in conjunction with its products. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the products used in conjunction with the ThermoDrain™ are compatible with its specified intended design and use. The warranty in this document is non-transferable. The warranty will not be honored if the original serial number assigned by EcoInnovation Technologies Inc. is not legible or has been removed or has worn away with time. EcoInnovation Technologies does not offer any warranty on the optional components, other than those installed during manufacture of the


This warranty does not cover defects caused by damage in transit, abuse, accident, negligence or repairs made by others. In the case of a defective product, contact the reseller in your area where you originally purchased the unit. All repairs or modifications made without the specific written authorization of EcoInnovation Technologies Inc. will render this warranty void without prejudice against EcoInnovation Technologies Inc.


Shipping & Freight

Should there be shipping damaged during transport, please contact us with 48 hours of reception. A replacement will be issued immediately. The replacement unit will not be charged to you if the damaged unit is returned to EcoInnovation within 30 days. We will pay all shipping fees.


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