Energy Efficiency Alberta has added a rebate program for drain water heat recovery

February 07, 2018

Energy Efficiency Alberta’s residential retrofit program is called ‘Home Improvement Rebates’ (HIR) which is a contractor-lead, performance-based program. Rebates vary project to project based on the modeled energy savings of the specific NRCan listed model, number of connected showers and showerhead flow rates. We anticipate average rebates for the DWHR category to be about $270 for saving of around 4.9GJ of natural gas per year – larger rebates for more savings, smaller rebates for less.

Rebates of up to $500 are available for the installation of a new DWHR device. Rebates will vary based on the energy savings modeled by a Participating Contractor for your project. Factors that impact the rebate are the device you choose, the flow rate of your shower heads and the number of showers which drain through the portion of the plumbing system where the DWHR device is installed. The following examples provide some estimates of how much money you can expect to get back in rebates—your contractor will be able to provide more specific details and walk you through the process.

For more information about this rebate program and to find a contractor please visit Energy Efficiency Alberta

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