Efficiency Vermont – Introduces drain water heat recovery

February 15, 2016

Efficiency Vermont has incentives that total over $2000 for the State of Vermont in energy efficiency measures when building new homes. There are two levels of efficiency that can be achieved. The first is Efficiency Vermont Certified Base Level and the second is Efficiency Vermont High Performance Level. Included in the incentives are drain water heat recovery units. The drain water heat recovery incentive is $200.  For more information, please visit Efficiency Vermont

Who is Efficiency Vermont?

Since 2000, Efficiency Vermont has worked to help customers reduce their energy costs, decrease strain on the electric system, and protect the environment. An Energy Efficiency Charge (EEC) that appears on Vermonters’ electric bills enables us to deliver that value by investing in projects that help Vermonters reduce their electric usage.

We also provide services to help Vermonters reduce their heating and fuel usage. These activities are funded by two sources: Vermont revenues from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and revenues from selling energy efficiency savings to the region’s Forward Capacity Market, where electrical energy and capacity is bought and sold to meet New England’s electricity needs.

Efficiency Vermont is administered by Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), an independent nonprofit energy services organization under an appointment issued by the Vermont Public Service Board. Vermont regulators conduct oversight of Efficiency Vermont through a rigorous management process known as results-based accountability. This process requires that we meet a range of stringent goals in order to ensure energy savings are maximized and that we deliver cost-effective, equitable services to all ratepayers.

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