Install a ThermoDrain drain water heat recovery system is the same as planting 14 trees
March 16, 2018

A Standuard DWHR installed in a home with 4 occupants will reduce annual GHG emissions by approximately 126.2 kgCO2, equivalent to pla ...

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Energy Efficiency Alberta has added a rebate program for drain water heat recovery
February 07, 2018

Energy Efficiency Alberta’s residential retrofit program is called ‘Home Improvement Rebates’ (HIR) which is a contractor-lead, ...

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Our ThemoDrain has been specified
January 18, 2018

Our ThermoDrain model TD372B has been specified on a new project. 38 high-efficiency units are going in this project. ...

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ThermoDrain is presented to the world at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida
January 16, 2018

EcoInnovation is very excited to announce that the ThermoDrain was chosen as a finalist in the Best Green Building Product category. O ...

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Ontario Building Code updates explained
February 10, 2017

Great Article from The Chronicle Journal (The Newspaper of the Northwest) Read more

Home Hardware and Home Hardware Building Centers and EcoInnovation
October 01, 2016

Home hardware and Home Hardware Building Centers now carry the ThermoDrain product. ThermoDrain has been once again recognized by a we ...

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